International Nursery

Trubaduren – a Swedish nursery with an international feel!

Trubaduren is a small nursery with a family feel. We have 15-18 children between the ages of 1-5 and 4-5 members of staff depending on the number of children and their needs.

Trubaduren is located in the centre of Stockholm in very close proximity to a lot of English speaking and international schools. At Trubaduren we speak Swedish to the children but have several families with an international background and parents from abroad. All information to parents is communicated in English, and all board meetings are conducted in English. If you want your child to learn Swedish this could be the nursery for you!

Trubaduren is a parent co-operative which means that it is an independent non-profit nursery. More specifically, this means that parents sit on the board and are legally responsible for the nursery. Our very competent nursery school manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of the nursery and the educational aspects. The benefits of being in a co-operative is that you get a proper insight into your child’s education, you get a say in how the nursery is run, you get to know the staff who look after your children and we make sure all the money is invested into the nursery so that our children get the best possible care.

We pride ourselves in ensuring every individual child’s needs are met. We want children to feel secure in their environment so that they blossom into the wonderful individuals that they are destined to be. We have many varied activities from outdoor excursions, to drama lessons, to movement and dance and art. For the older children, we also work with other co-operatives to prepare them for school and give them an opportunity to make new friends.

Given that the nursery is so small and is a co-operative, the nursery feels very familiar. All the children and parents know each other very well. We organize social activities and often meet each other in our spare time. Many families who move to Sweden from abroad have found it very welcoming joining our nursery and the sense of community that it brings.

Please call 08-15 40 02 or send an email to if you would like to arrange a visit.